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Reserved tours

The Chair Committee is delighted to announce the organization of extraordinary exclusive and reserved tours, some with exclusive access not available to the general public:

A) Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana
The Codex Atlanticus – Leonardo da Vinci; the largest existing collection of writings and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci; Portrait of a Musician – Leonardo da Vinci; The School of Athens – Raffaello Sanzio; it is the largest Renaissance cartoon that has come down to us, executed by Raphael as preparation for the fresco in the Vatican’s Stanza della Segnatura;

B) Exclusive guided tour (English guide available) reserved (with exclusive opening) for the secret pathways not open to the public at the Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Family Castle):
a) Underground Tour: a secret path winding beneath Parco Sempione, along the Covered Road of the Garland;
b) Tour of the Merlons: the tour goes to the highest point of the Castle, with a view of Milan’s skyline.

Tour A: 75 €
Tour B: 33 €

Each participant has the option to book up to 4 entries.
These tours will feature guided experiences in both Italian and English and are scheduled for the evenings of Monday, August 26th, and Friday, August 30th, following the day’s congress sessions.

These captivating tours will unfold at two exclusive sites just a stone’s throw away from the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano), offering a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a cultural and social evening in the very heart of the city.

Please note that the activation of these tours is contingent upon the number of registrations received. In the event that a minimum number of participants is not reached, the tours may be partially or fully deactivated, with full refunds provided to those who have already paid.

For further information, including tour details, pricing, dates, and times, please visit the registration area within the ConfTool application (from the main menu go to “Edit Your Participant Registration Details”).
Don’t miss out on this chance to enrich your conference experience with these unforgettable excursions!