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Address: Via Gattamelata, Gate 14, Milano (I)

Milan railway network (Milano Centrale, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Rogoredo, Milano Lambrate, Milano Cadorna) and Metro M5 or M1.

regional railway network (Passante Ferroviario) Milano Nord Domodossola

Metro M5 (stations: Portello, Tre Torri, Milano Nord Domodossola) and M1 (Amendola Fiera)

Linate Airport: metro M4 and connection with M1 and/or M1+M5;
Malpensa Airport: Malpensa Express to Milano Cadorna and then metro or Passante Ferroviario Milano Nord Domodossola;
Malpensa Express to Milano Centrale and Metro;
Milano Bergamo Airport: bus to Milano Stazione Centrale and Metro


Options for lunch nearby
the Congress Center

The congress center area offers numerous lunch possibilities in the surrounding areas (within a 10-minute walk).

– Adjacent area (Piazzale Damiano Chiesa – Corso Sempione area, with over 25 sites including pubs and restaurants);
– Adjacent famous shopping & food district of CityLife with over 25 sites including pubs and restaurants (visit site here);

Participants are invited to organize lunch independently.

However, to make lunch breaks quick and convenient for everyone, and considering the high number of congress attendees, we are organizing advance booking options in close proximity to the congress center (less than 5 minutes’ walk).

The bookable options are available in the registration area of the ConfTool application.
It is also possible to select different options for different days.
In case of reservations at the same place for multiple days, only consecutive days can be selected.

Please note that the list is continuously updated with new options as they become available.

Options are activated only upon reaching the minimum required number. Applicants will be notified well in advance.
In the event that a minimum number of participants is not reached, the options may be partially or fully deactivated, with full refunds provided to those who have already paid.

How to reach the CityLife district from the convention center (about a 10-minute walk)

Reserved tour

The chair committee is pleased to announce that we have organized some extraordinary exclusive and reserved tours (with exclusive access or not accessible to the general public).
The tours include guided tours in Italian and English.

The tours are scheduled for the evenings of Monday, August 26th and Friday, August 30th, at the end of the congress sessions for the day.

Sforza Castle

Exclusive guided tour reserved for the secret paths, not open to the public, of the Sforza Castle:

a) Tour of the Underground (no longer available due to insufficient number of participants)
A secret route that winds beneath Sempione Park, along the Covered Road of the Garland.

b) Tour of the Battlements (Merlate). Monday, August 26th, 9 PM, after Welcome Mixer
The exclusive tour that takes you to the highest point of the Sforza Castle, with a view of the Milan skyline.

Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

No longer available due to insufficient number of participants.

Exclusive reserved visit with a guide, behind closed doors, to some of the most prestigious collections and the latest arrangements:

1) The Atlantic Codex – Leonardo da Vinci (the most extensive existing collection of writings and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci);
2) Portrait of a Musician – Leonardo da Vinci;
3) The School of Athens – Raphael Sanzio (it is the largest Renaissance cartoon that has come down to us and was executed by Raphael as a preparation for the fresco in the Room of the Signatura in the Vatican).

The activation of the tours is subject to the number of registrations received.
If a minimum number of participants is not reached, the tours will be partially or fully deactivated (with full refunds for those who have already paid).

The tours will take place at two exclusive sites located just a few steps from the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano). It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend a cultural and social evening in the very heart of the city.

We have approximately 1000 spots available, with each participant having the option to book up to 4 entries.

The tours, along with their respective prices, are available in the registration area of the ConfTool application.
Please review the details of the tours offered, dates, and times in this area.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to visit two extraordinary and iconic places in Milan with exclusive tours that are not normally open to the public.

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